Amikole’s Blossoming Rose Shea Butter (Rose, Lavender, and Citrus Shea Butter)

Amikole’s Blossoming Rose Shea Butter (Rose, Lavender, and Citrus Shea Butter)
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The ideal butter for stretch marks, scarring, stressed and aging skin. Aids in maintaining elasticity of the skin. Helps to prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain, and aging. Helps to reduce anxiety, tension, and feelings of nausea or discomfort. Especially formulated for use during pregnancy, you can enjoy the practice of daily self-massage to relax the body, mind, and stretch of the skin over the growing baby within. The developing fetus can feel the touch of its mother through her skin, oftentimes reacting to the feel of fingers lightly dancing on its back (my own pregnancy experience was that my daughter arched her back in utero to the response of massaging my belly!!!) ORGANIC Shea Butter alone can help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Amikole's Blossoming Rose Shea Butter is enhanced even greater with the addition of 100% pure essential oils of Rose, organic Lavender, Petitgrain and organic Bergamot. Rose "is particularly beneficial for treating all skin conditions due to its subtle toning and soothing qualities. The planet of Venus governs the rose, its feminine quality having a definite affinity with the female reproductive system in balancing, regulating and toning." Use Amikole’s Blossom Butter to massage the belly daily. Apply to the breasts, thighs, temples and pressure points on the face. Gently work into the places on the body where the skin is taut and blossoming!