Shea Butter Benefits and Suggested Uses

• All massage for both adults and children

• Anti-wrinkle and stretch mark cream on the face and body

• Helping to lessen scarring and keloids

• Softening hands, elbows, and the soles of the feet

• Fortifying cuticles and nails

• Ridding the scalp of dandruff

• Mild sunscreen (approx. SPF-6)

• Moisturizing dry skin

• Nasal decongestant

• Hair pomade

• Relief from razor burn or after waxing

• Soothing burns from sun, wind, and heat

• Aiding cases of eczema, dermatitis, skin discolourations, arthritis, stiff joints, bruising, and soreness

• Ingredient in homemade soaps, ointments and creams

Warming up Dr. Amíkolé’s Shea Butter by placing the jar in a pan of hot water or rubbing a small amount between the palms will result in a creamier and smoother application - ENJOY!