Amikole’s Love Shea Butter (Jasmine Shea Butter)

Amikole’s Love Shea Butter (Jasmine Shea Butter)
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Combining organic African Shea Butter with the ORGANIC aphrodisiac essential oils of pure Moroccan Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Indian Sandalwood and Tangerine. Jasmine "strengthens the imagination, putting us into a state of carefreeness, receptivity and buoyancy." Ylang Ylang "calms raging emotions, soothes feelings of anger and frustration: liberating and sensually stimulating." Sandalwood promotes "euphoria; stimulates our imagination and sexual desire, enhances our creativity." Use to create a silky-smooth personal lubricant ideal for heightening all sensual encounters. Can also be safely used for deep tissue massage on all skin types. Use it with the one you love or love yourself. With LOVE. Enjoy!!! Amikole's Love Butter has been made with organic shea butter that has been extracted using cold press extraction methods.